Viktor P. Legeza, Oleksandr M. Neshchadym, Tetiana M. Zabolotnia


Background. In this work, for a defect-free transportation of large-sized structures by rail, a new damping system for longitudinal dynamic loads is proposed. Its operation is based on the use of roller impact absorbers. The relevance of this work is explained by significant volumes of damaged and destroyed structures at the transportation stage.

Objective. The goal is to develop a mathematical model of the process of damping longitudinal loads in a transport system with roller impact absorbers. The paper considers an extreme version of the dynamic loading of a transport system in the process of its collision with a railway stopper car.

Methods. Based on the Appel formalism for non-holonomic systems, kinematic and dynamic equations of motion of the transport system are formulated that describe the process of damping longitudinal loads. The obtained equations were numerically integrated using the developed program. Using it, a series of numerical experiments was carried out with varying parameters of the transport system.

Results. The main regulatory parameters of roller impact absorbers, which significantly affect the quality of their functioning, are determined. The laws of their influence on the dynamic state of transported goods are established. A quantitative assessment of the effectiveness of the use of roller impact absorbers to reduce dynamic loads on transported structures.

Conclusions.It has been established that dynamic loads on transported goods can be reduced by more than 14 times compared with the existing traditional schemes and methods of securing structures. The main conclusion is made: in order to significantly reduce the level of longitudinal transport loads on the transported goods, their fixation relative to the wagons should be carried out in a “movable-adjustable” way (in contrast to the traditional “hard” method).


Process of damping; Transport system; Turnstile; Roller impact absorber; Coupler of rail cars; Longitudinal loads

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