Tetiana M. Gensitska, Tetiana I. Gural, Volodymyr M. Tiagur


Background. During manufacture of the Earth’s remote sensing (ERS) scanner one of the most crucial task is its calibration. Therefore, a task to develop a high precision method for determining the ERS scanner angular parameters, its data processing algorithm, and a design for corresponding equipment is actual one.

Objective. The aim of the paper is to develop a calibration technique, a data processing algorithm, and a design for corresponding metrology equipment for the ERS scanner.

Methods. The method for the angular position calibration of ERS scanner photodetector line axes of sight relatively its control element based on the use of collimation measuring system is suggested. However, an image of the triangle mark, generated by the equipment collimator at the infinity, is built simultaneously on the scanner photodetector lines and photoelectrical autocollimator focal plane. The autocollimator registers the mark angle position relative to normal to plane of the scanner control element.

Results. A technique for ground-based pre-flight calibration of the angular parameters of ERS scanner, a mathematical algorithm for data processing, and corresponding metrological equipment were developed.

Conclusions. A calibration technique of ERS scanner with several image linear detectors is proposed. Corresponding metrological equipment design based on the scanner modulation transfer function control testing unit is developed. The possibility of measuring the sighting axes of the photodetector lines of the scanner relatively its control element in two mutually perpendicular planes is demonstrated. Mathematical modeling is executed, and the possibility of implementing the proposed method is performed.


Collimating measuring system; Earth’s remote sensing scanner; Angular parameters


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